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Welcome to WWG Technologies

Incorporated in the year 2012, WWG technologies Pte Ltd has been making great strides in the Oil & Gas, Semiconductors and Power Generation industries. WWG specialises in providing specialised equipment, material sourcing and supply.

Located in Singapore, backed up by WWG Capital Group, this company aims to expand into the supplying of bio-fuel, targeting major power plant companies, while making advancements in biomass sourcing and supplying other businesses in the region.

WWG technologies Pte ltd has also been supplying critical equipment and essential materials to the Petrochemical and semiconductor industries.

With extensive contacts around the globe, WWG technologies Pte ltd has been able to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the trade. This allows WWG to deliver the best product according to the needs of their customers.

By adding value through their expertise in providing quality products, WWG creates dynamic new ventures that benefit partners, local industries and society as a whole.

Engaged in a range of supply businesses, through dedicated business activities, WWG works with customers to help identify their needs and conceive of innovative business solutions.

WWG is also committed to developing a disciplined and supportive business culture while adhering to business ethics and integrity, with both its customers and suppliers.  

Welcome to WWG Technologies
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